Help KPC’s fundraising for FREE!

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Please can YOU help us raise funds to keep KPC going?

We are continuing to collect:

  • Used Postage Stamps
  • Old Ink Cartridges
  • Mobile Phones
  • Old/broken/unwanted gold & silver jewellery
  • Unwanted foreign notes/coins
  • Unwanted clothes, belts, shoes, bedding, hats, soft toys – sorry no bedding/curtains)
  • Good Quality Clothing which we will sell on EBay
  • Unwanted books

Thanks in advance, and please spread the word to help us continue here at KPC!

*Unfortunately due to the current restrictions with Covid-19 and our Centre being closed currently we are unable to accept donations … but if you want to do a clear out and can hold until we re-open that would be great:)